DEKRA.Mastertest's main activity is the management of a nationwide network of Vehicle Technical Inspection Centres.

Based in Lisbon, DEKRA.Mastertest currently has national coverage through a network of Centres, which provide an integrated range of services for drivers, companies and professionals.

Our Centres are certified to check the safety conditions of vehicles within the framework of Mandatory Periodic Inspections, Special Inspections, registration, vehicles involved in accidents, converted to LPG or for the passenger transport of children.

Our teams strive on a daily basis to achieve an excellent standard of service provided by fostering a strong collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers.



To convert the obligation of the Vehicle Technical Inspection into effective solutions for the safety of drivers, passengers and third parties, in the various physical, economic and environmental aspects, in line with the best international practices, ensuring an excellent standard of service and customer satisfaction and consequently, for MasterTest to gain a competitive lead in the sector.



To be recognised as the benchmark in the sector of vehicle technical inspection in terms of quality of the services provided and operational efficiency, always focused on the professional development of employees and customer satisfaction, generating the expected return for shareholders.




Above all, we value the safety of our customers, providing an excellent service, with specialised staff and the latest technology.


We ensure operational efficiency which enables our customers' time to be optimised.


We greet our customers with a smile and seek to meet their needs at all times.