Privacy Policy

This data privacy security declaration applies, specifically and exclusively, to all contacts made by ‘DEKRA Inspeções Lda’ and ‘MasterTest-Inspeção de Veiculos, SA’, being either online, telephone, sms or post contacts.

If by any reason ‘DEKRA Inspeções Lda’ and ‘MasterTest-Inspeção de Veiculos, SA’ feel the need to update the Privacy Policy, the user of the site is the first to be informed.

‘DEKRA Inspeções Lda’ and ‘MasterTest-Inspeção de Veiculos, SA’ are committed to protecting the privacy of its users, not passing on to third parties any information of the contacts belonging to their database. The technology used is sufficiently effective and capable of guaranteeing data security.

If you have any question regarding this compromise, do not hesitate to contact us. You may use all the available channels.